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The Age Of Colonialism: 1800-1900 AD Part 1

The Age Of Colonialism: 1800-1900 AD Part 1

History Of The World Christian Movement Course – 9a



With the onset of the great age of colonialism spurred by the revolutions in America and France, as well as the onset of the Industrial Revolution, the stage was set for another shift in the western worldview towards a rationalistic utopianism. Out of this came what was known as the Second Great Awakening which was manifest on three fronts.


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John lives in Columbia, SC with his wife, Lydia, and four children. He travels and teaches on the Cross, the return of Jesus, and the Great Commission.

  • Brandon Long

    Is there audio for the Globalism (1900-Present) period?

    • DTN_RicheeP

      There isn’t, Brandon. I wish. For whatever reason the audio for that session wasn’t recorded. However, I do have notes for that session if you want them. You can email me at and I’ll shoot them your way. Thanks Brandon for asking.

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