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Testimony – Depravity Exposed

Testimony – Depravity Exposed


While in North Carolina, Richee was asked to share at a men’s weekly Bible study related to the Ark Network. Depravity had been a topic the week prior and as a result, Richee decided to share around that specific subject through his own personal testimony. He also highlights the purpose of the Spirit in our lives.

If interested in other teaching resources that relate to Richee’s testimony, see Sustaining Prayer Through the Powers of the Age To Come Part 1 and Part 2 by John Harrigan. And Mercy and the Cross by Stephen Holmes.

Richee Richee (7 Posts)

Richee serves as one of the administrators to the Daniel Training Network. He, his wife Grace, and their four children currently live in Bloomington, MN. Richee has a passion to see those in the Church gain a deeper understanding of the gospel.

  • Rich, thanks for sharing so vulnerably. This message is the truth for many believers today. How we will become the fiery bride Jesus will come for seems so impossible as we tend to run circles building our own kingdoms completely missing it so often. Father of Glory, awaken your bride! God open our hearts and minds to know you. To really know you. amen.

    • DTN_RicheeP

      Thank you so much Gina for the kind and encouraging words, as well as the prayer at the end. Let us continue to cry out to Him on behalf of His Church and our own hearts. Love you, Johnny and the kids so much. Your family is such a witness.

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