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Hey everyone!! Below is a brief introduction video to our website. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to step onto a resource site for the first time. So, let us help you navigate, share and just get a general overview of our website.

Richee (45 Posts)

  • Kathleen S.

    The talk about Mary of Bethany only partially played then ended abruptly. Why is that? Please advise, thanks.

    • Hello Kathleen. Sorry that the audio abruptly stopped playing. I just tested it online on our end and it seems to play the whole audio as I click through it. A couple of things that it could be:

      1. your internet was struggling at the moment and therefore it stopped downloading the audio
      2. It could be the browser you are using and you could try a different one. However, I think this one is less likely because the audio would probably have not played at all.

      The whole audio is 38:13. How far did it make it before it stopped working for you?

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