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The Firstborn


Written by Stephen Holmes


This is a song the Lord gave me in one sitting which is unusual. I had been praying for a few years for the Lord to give me a song about Israel, but I kept feeling Him say “I don’t trust you with the issue of my heart yet.” On this day, He finally let me into this issue He feels with Israel, His Firstborn, His beloved. Out of Him showing me what He felt, the chorus is a plea for Him to take us deeper in understanding the emotions God feels towards Israel in her past, present, and future state.



The lyrics to this song are below without chords. If you would like to have the lyrics with the chords, 

Download ‘The Firstborn’ Lyrics and Chords.

The Firstborn



Stephen Holmes (18 Posts)

Stephen Holmes is a missionary pastor who lives with his wife and three kids in various nations seeking to give a faithful witness of the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the Gentile through Bible Teaching, Preaching, Song and Discipleship.

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