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A Letter From Tim Miller

Dear DTN Friends,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus the Messiah—crucified, risen, and returning soon to judge the living the and dead. I (Tim Miller) pray that this letter finds you strengthened in the Lord’s grace and power and might.

I am writing this letter to those of you who have, in one way or another, been impacted and strengthened by the resources posted on the Daniel Training Network website. As many of you may know, the Daniel Training Network was originally formed in the early part of 2010. During this time, the Holy Spirit stirred, in my own heart in the hearts of a number of others, a deep sense of urgency concerning the hour we are living in. The more we prayed and sought the Lord, the more we were gripped by a growing sense of conviction that a time of great persecution and difficulty was on the horizon for believers throughout the world, even in the United States, in context to the end of the age. It was out of this burden that the Daniel Training Network “Online Resource Center” was launched on Good Friday of 2010. Well, here we are five years later. The hour is more urgent than ever, and our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. We praise God for his faithfulness and mercy over the last five years.

The goal of “DTN” is quite simple: To provide followers of Jesus with a wide-range of resources—music, teachings, books, resources for children, etc—that consistently call followers of Jesus to embrace the cross and everything that this entails according to the Scriptures, in hope of the eternal glory that we will receive at the return of our Master. Our prayer has been, and remains, that God, by his mercy, would somehow use these resources to strengthen and prepare his people for the great difficulties that for some are still ahead, and for others are already a present reality. Our commitment from the beginning has been to make these resources available to the saints free of charge. This conviction, fueled by verses such as 2 Co 2:17, remains strong in our hearts—so strong, in fact, that we would rather allow the DTN website to cease altogether, than to require people to pay in order to hear the gospel through the resources that we post. And this what brings me to my purpose in writing: Saints, we need your help. As DTN continues to grow, there are two levels of need that must be met in order to keep the DTN website up and running and DTN resources available for free-downloading:

  1. Regular monthly support for DTN’s main (and at this point only) administrator, Richee Parks, and his family.
    Let me start by saying that Richee himself has not asked me to say anything I’m about to say, and would put up a fight unless I forced him to post this (I love you Richee! 🙂 ). For the last five years, Richee has generously given his gifts and talents to DTN full-time. Resource development…website maintenance and troubleshooting…conference organization…resource coordination… communications…you name it, Richee does it. I can personally vouch that in giving his full time and focus to DTN, both Richee and has family have modeled and lived out the message of the cross. They have turned down opportunities that would benefit them financially. They have chosen to live a simple lifestyle in order to reduce the basic costs of life. They have faced significant misunderstanding from people who don’t see why someone would voluntarily give up so much time, money, and comfort in order to develop resources on a website without being compensated. There have been many days, weeks, and months when they have barely scraped by. Why? The reason is simple: The gospel. Richee and his family are living not for this age, but for the age to come.The urgency of the hour burns in Richee’s heart now more than ever, and he eagerly desires to continue giving himself full-time to the development of DTN, especially with a number of important resources on the horizon and the development of a DTN app in the works. Without Richee giving his full-time and attention to DTN, it will be extremely difficult to keep the website up and going. For him to be able to do this, he and his family need at least $1,200.00 in committed, regular monthly support—simply to cover the basic costs of life. In addition to this, he also needs a new laptop, one that is quality and robust enough to handle the intense strain that the Online Resource Center constantly places on it—video editing, streaming, book design, website management, constant uploading, etc (at last year’s conference, his laptop fan was working so hard that we thought it might fly away—that is, if it didn’t implode!). Also needed is the yearly subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud for the development of resources. The laptop is one time cost of about $2,250.00, and the Creative Cloud subscription is an annual cost of $600.00.Like many of the other DTN trainers, Richee and his family live off of support as missionaries. However, because of the key administrative role Richee plays in DTN, his situation is unique in that the DTN website’s existence is tied to him and his family receiving the support they need. We are praying for God to meet these needs by mid-late August. Otherwise, quite honestly, we may have to shut down the website. As DTN, we have intentionally set ourselves up as a relational network, rather than as an institution-based ministry. Because of this, “sowing” into DTN means sowing into people who are giving themselves to the gospel (DTN is simply a mechanism for harnessing and distributing resources created, as people do what God would have them do anyway). In other words, we don’t want people giving to some sort of impersonal entity called “Daniel Training Network,” but to fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord who are faithfully carrying out their calling in the Lord. And in so doing, to grow in relationship with those they are supporting (in keeping with the spirit of 2 Co 9). I present this opportunity before you with regard to Richee and Grace Parks and their amazing children. If God puts on your heart to partner with this precious family in the gospel, please see their family website ( and/or contact them at [email protected]

  3. The second level of needs has to do with regularly-reoccurring costs related mostly to the website and/or the DTN Conference.
    Some of these costs are annual, some occur every two-years, and some every three years. They have to do primarily with things like website hosting, back-up, and web-streaming for the conference. These costs range from $200-$500 each, and as of now, they come to a total of just a little over $2,000 total. Relative to the needs described in 1 above, these are less urgent. However, they are needs nonetheless. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help us cover some of these regularly-reoccurring costs, please contact me at [email protected], and I will let you know how to go about doing that.

God bless you, friends! May the Lord continue to strengthen in his grace and the power of His might. Thank you for taking the time to pray about and consider these needs.




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