There are four main ways that people can support the Daniel Training Network

  1. Financially support those who contribute resources to the DTN Online Resource Center.
    • Most of the DTN contributors have their own personal support raising arrangements in place. If there is a particular DTN contributor whom God has put on your heart and by whose labors in the gospel you have been particularly blessed, and you want to sow into that person financially, you can click to go to the DTN Contributor’s page and choose the particular contributor to whom you want to send your gift.
  2. Help us with our tech, conference, and other miscellaneous needs.
    • We have a number of regular tech fees—hosting, storage, design software, etc.—that we need to cover in order to keep our online resource center up and running. We also have a number of other regular miscellaneous costs, such as those occasioned by our yearly conference. If you are interested in helping us cover some of these recurring expenses, you can do so by donating to the DTN General Fund through Cash App or Zelle ( These gifts are non-deductible, go directly to our DTN General Fund manager, and are subject to proactive measures of transparency and accountability. If you would like to donate using a check or would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please email for further information.
  3. Volunteer time and skills and then follow through on the commitment.
    • We are in need of reliable volunteers, especially in the areas of technology, administration, social media, and communications. Since we are determined to make DTN resources available for free, we can only proceed at the pace that people are willing to volunteer time and skills and then actually follow through on their commitments, even if it is only a few hours per week or month. If you are interested in investing time and skill into the online resource center and are a person who does what you say, then please contact us, and we would love to talk with you more about where you could sow your gifts into DTN most effectively.
  4. Regularly commit DTN to the Lord in prayer.
    • We are all weak vessels who need the grace and mercy of the Lord in order to faithfully steward the things he has entrusted to us in this urgent hour of history. We desperately need your prayers if we are to run the race well!