During the DTN 2021 1Hope1Boast Conference, some attendees and viewers noticed Tim and others wearing T-shirts with the words “One Day Closer” printed on them. This phrase has become something we often use to encourage one another to keep running the race with patient endurance until that long-awaited Day when Jesus will return on the clouds of heaven. A number of people have asked whether such T-shirts are available for purchase. In light of this interest, we have designed some simple DTN “One Day Closer” merchandise (along with a few other DTN items) which people may purchase on a print-on-demand basis and at the cost of creation and shipping only. DTN will in no way profit financially from the sale of any products. We pray that these T-shirts, print resources, and whatever other products we create will bring encouragement in your pursuit of God, and that they will function as a type of “reminder” (cf. Dt. 6:6-9) that keeps our hearts and minds ever set on our “blessed hope” (Tit. 2:13).


John Harrigan taught a course called Biblical Theology of Mission. These two books are compile all of the notes from the course. Book 1 includes Class 1b: Earth’s Global Flood through Class 4: Five-Fold Development of the Western Worldview. And book 2 includes Class 5a: Cosmological Regeneration Vs. Annihilation through Class 12: Biblical Survey of Messianic Ecclesiology. Each book includes supplemental resources as well.