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Biblical Theology Seminar

Biblical Theology Seminar


This video seminar gives a comprehensive but concise layout of biblical theology. Session 1 discusses the truth of heart, mind and lifestyle. Session 2 compares a biblical worldview with a hellenistic worldview by examining creation with how the heavens and earth were made. Session 3 gives an overview of salvation and God’s sovereignty within the western worldview, Biblical worldview and the cross. Session 4 points out the immaterial Christ of greek-based Christianity, gives a biblical survey of the messianic hope as well as what it meant for the Christ to be crucified. Session 5 points out the immaterial resurrection of greek-based Christianity, gives a biblical survey of the resurrection as well connecting the Holy Spirit with the resurrection. And session 6 surveys the Kingdom hope through the new and old testaments, covers the varying views of the Kingdom and controversial Kingdom passages.

Each part of the Biblical Theology Seminar

1. Biblical Nature of Truth
2. Biblical Versus Western Worldview
3. Intro To Biblical Worldview
4. The Gospel of the Christ
5. The Gospel of the Resurrection
6. The Gospel of the Kingdom

John (117 Posts)

John lives in Columbia, SC with his wife, Lydia, and four children. He travels and teaches on the Cross, the return of Jesus, and the Great Commission.

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