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Here are some of the people who administrate the inner workings of DTN, and/or who have personally contributed resources to the DTN Online Resource Center. However, it is not an exhaustive list of those connected to DTN. We encourage those who have been ministered to by any of these different contributors, to contact them personally if you want to financially give or just make contact.

David Rickman (4 Posts)

David is a Bible teacher and missionary. He and his wife, Kirsten, have a passion to proclaim the gospel and make disciples for the Day of the Lord.

John (117 Posts)

John lives in Columbia, SC with his wife, Lydia, and four children. He travels and teaches on the Cross, the return of Jesus, and the Great Commission.

Joel Richardson (20 Posts)

Joel is a husband and a father committed to the pro-life and adoption movements. He is a teacher on prophecy and the Middle East and passionately desires to see Muslims come to Christ.

Tim Miller (124 Posts)

Tim is founder of the Daniel Training Network. His passion is to see followers of Christ embrace a life of the cross. He, his wife Emily, and their four children itinerate regularly as part of their ministry, and are presently living in New Mexico.

Jeremy Johnson (26 Posts)

Jeremy is a Bible teacher and church planter. Jeremy, his wife Jessica and their five children currently live in Bloomington, MN. As a family unit, the Johnson’s have a passion to see lost sinners turn to the Lord as they see the way of the cross lived out by the church.

David Gordon (1 Posts)

David Gordon lives in Burlington, NC with is wife, Tina, and two children, Eli and Mary Graceyn.

David Gregory (0 Posts)

David, his wife Beckie and their 4 children currently live in New Mexico and desire to sojourn well with the Lord by listening and obeying His leadership. David is a key administrator of DTN.

Hans Kim (5 Posts)

Hans and his wife Emily live in New Jersey. They have served in leadership at the International House of Prayer Eastern Gate for the past 7 years and have recently transitioned towards serving in the local church. His passion and vision in ministry is in proclaiming the way of the Cross as the way believers are discipled into the glories of the age to come.

Henry Bruno (24 Posts)

Henry is a husband, father and missionary. Henry and his wife Aneliz were born and raised in Puerto Rico. Their passion is to see a faithful witness of the Gospel among Jews and Gentiles, in this last hour.

Ken Krause (3 Posts)

Ken met Jesus when he was 16. He currently serves as interim pastor of Bethany Church in Bloomington, MN while also running a landscaping company. He loves his wife and 5 children - Elijah, Abel, Noelle, Amos and Ezra.

Matthew Paul (4 Posts)

Due to being on the mission field in a sensitive country, Matthew does not have a bio or picture shown.

Bill Scofield (52 Posts)

Bill is husband to Charis, and father to their 6 children. He is a Bible teacher, elder, and missions trainer.

Joshua Hawkins (3 Posts)

Joshua Hawkins is a Bible teacher committed to proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He carries a deep desire to see the nations treasure Him above all else, worship Him as the one true God, and live as sojourners eagerly waiting for His return and rule from Jerusalem. Josh currently ministers as a full-time campus missionary at Texas A&M University.

Richee (7 Posts)

Richee serves as one of the administrators to the Daniel Training Network. He, his wife Grace, and their four children currently live in Bloomington, MN. Richee has a passion to see those in the Church gain a deeper understanding of the gospel.

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