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The Cross, The Spirit, and the Day of the Lord

The Cross, The Spirit, and the Day of the Lord


As Christians in the West, there is a tendency to imagine that the coming of the Spirit somehow replaces our call to take up our cross. Thinking that the finished work of the cross is finished with us, is to have a poor view of the Day of the Lord, when all our works and motives will be revealed by fire.

In this message, Jeremy connects the three aspects of: the Day of the Lord, the cross, and the Pledge of the Spirit, in light of the staggering call of the believer to costly discipleship.

This teaching was taught at the Open Door House of Prayer.

Jeremy Johnson (26 Posts)

Jeremy is a Bible teacher and church planter. Jeremy, his wife Jessica and their five children currently live in Bloomington, MN. As a family unit, the Johnson’s have a passion to see lost sinners turn to the Lord as they see the way of the cross lived out by the church.

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