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“Death Is Not An Escape Pod”

“Death Is Not An Escape Pod”

DTN is a network of believers who are committed to equipping believers unto the Day of the Lord. One person in our network who has dedicated a ton of time helping administrate DTN, make many of the resources available online and the conferences run smoothly, is David Gregory (see our bio page). Truly, without David’s help over the past years, DTN would not be any where close to what it currently is.

With that said, David’s wife, Beckie, has encouraged him and allowed him to serve in these ways. She also has contributed to DTN’s Online Resource Center with a Simple Gospel Presentation. Please take time to read the brief post from Beckie below.

I attended a funeral today for a dear 89-year-old lady who I always saw filled with joy, peace, and love, because of faith in Jesus. I love thinking that when a body is put in the dirt, it’s not the end of things. I love picturing bodies rising from the grave. What will that look like? I feel a surge of excitement. I pondered as I watched the casket lowered and a cover lowered over it, if it would be easier at the time of resurrection not to have so much between us and the air. I’m quite sure it won’t matter!

A group was singing at the graveside. I love to sing and know lots of hymns from my childhood. It’s strange for me sometimes not feeling right singing some of them anymore. “…When I die, hallelulujah, by and by, I’ll fly away.” Death is not an escape pod in my mind anymore. We were made for life. I won’t fly away. I wait in hope for the Resurrection of the dead to life that lasts forever. I stood looking across the barren high desert sagebrush by the cemetery, rejoicing to think what it will look like when the earth is renewed. Amazing! “In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore.” “There is a happy land, far, far away.” No, the place of our meeting with our resurrected brothers and sisters and our Lord is not “somewhere out there.” It will be this earth! This will be the happy land. The hope we have in Jesus has become so solid and real to me. It used to be so vague. The trouble and difficulty of this age will be gone. God gives us glimpses of what he intended for the earth when we see a beautiful flower, a lovely tree, a healed body. We wait in hope for this beauty and health to be what we experience all the time.

Some funerals are incredibly sad. This one was not. I look forward to seeing Nellie’s smile again someday and getting a hug from her.

Richee (45 Posts)

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