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The Daniel Training Network encourages any who would like to contribute financially to what we are doing, to first pray and know that the Holy Spirit is leading you in that way. Below is a short video from our last conference also giving insight into how DTN works with money.

If you sense the Holy Spirit leading you to bless the Daniel Training Network in some way financially, then please know that we are deeply thankful for your partnership in this ministry. As you prepare to give, we ask you to please pray about and consider the following:

As stated on the About page, the Daniel Training Network is not a centralized ministry, but a relational network of trainers, churches, and disciples. Therefore, if you have been encouraged and edified by a particular resource on our website and would like to bless the person who produced the resource, we ask that you please contact that person directly and give your contribution directly to that person via that his/her personal support-raising arrangements. Our hope is that this mode of operation will provide a context for financial gifts to foster relationships between people in the Body of Christ (2 Cor. 9), rather than money being used to knit peoples’ hearts to an impersonal ministry entity. If you would like to give a financial gift to someone in the network, then we encourage you to connect with them via our Bio Page.

Thank you very much.

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