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Don’t Miss The Forest For The Trees

Don’t Miss The Forest For The Trees


This message is a call to be the church in light of the urgency of the hour we live in by not “missing the forest for the trees” in our gatherings as the Body, through being cross-centered. This message was taught at International House of Prayer-Miami.



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Don’t Miss The Forest For The Trees



  1. The signs of the times Matthew 24:1-13-Forest-Adversity is our opportunity to propagate the gospel! Matthew 10:16-20, 1 Peter 3:15
  1. Political or economic issues-Paul in prison because of Roman government-You can do all things through Christ! Philippians 4:10-13, Don’t shrink back! Hebrews 10:32-39 Have faith to the preserving of the soul! Luke 18:1-17
  1. Our Luxuries-Don’t get caught in the trap! Luke 21:34-36(8:14, 12:29-34, 17:26-27) Watch and Pray!!! 1 Peter 4:6-8


The two things we can no longer take for granted:

  1. Reading the whole Bible consistently with heart cries before the Lord
  2. Being in vital and vulnerable fellowship with other believers

Acts 2:42, Hebrews 3:12-14, 10:23-25

Jeremy Johnson (26 Posts)

Jeremy is a Bible teacher and church planter. Jeremy, his wife Jessica and their five children currently live in Bloomington, MN. As a family unit, the Johnson’s have a passion to see lost sinners turn to the Lord as they see the way of the cross lived out by the church.

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