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We’re Gonna’ Shine

We’re Gonna’ Shine


Written by Gregory, Parks & Miller Families


“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” (Matthew 13:44)

We’re Gonna’ Shine is part of the Worth It All album.



The lyrics to this song are below without chords. If you would like to have the lyrics with the chords,
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We’re Gonna’ Shine


Verse 1

The cares of this evil age, creeping in on every side

Trying to pull us away from our first love, working hard to keep us blind

But though our knees are feeble and our hands are weak, in the cross we will abide

Cause we’ve found the treasure hidden in the field, and the pearl of greatest prize

Pre-Chorus (2x)

We’re gonna take those thorns that choke us out, we’re gonna cast them all away

We’re gonna leave the worries, gonna leave the doubts as we press on toward Your Day (2x)

Chorus (4x)

We’re gonna shine in the resurrection, it’s gonna be worth it all

Verse 2

The trials of this age of death, pressing in on every side

Sifting our hearts like the wheat, we are tested, we are tried

But as the scorching sun beats down on us, in Your shadow we will hide

Cause a weight of glory is awaiting us, when You come down from the sky

Pre-Chorus (2x)

We’re gonna leave that hard and shallow ground, we’re gonna let our roots go deep

We’re gonna build our lives on the solid rock, cause it’s Your Kingdom that we seek

Chorus Repeat

Mandolin, Guitar, and Other Instrumentation: Caleb Lindsey

Vocals: Caleb Lindsey, Rebekah Lindsey, Tim Miller

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Caleb Lindsey

Tim Miller (124 Posts)

Tim is founder of the Daniel Training Network. His passion is to see followers of Christ embrace a life of the cross. He, his wife Emily, and their four children itinerate regularly as part of their ministry, and are presently living in New Mexico.

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