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He Is the Lord

He Is the Lord


Written by Bill Scofield


This song was written in light of the need for perseverance and faith in the coming troubles. Just some words with which I’d like to encourage myself and others as we see the Day approaching set to some music that might help us remember them.

The audio for the song was played 1 whole step low, and is not played in the same key as the chord chart.


The lyrics to this song are below without chords. If you would like to have the lyrics with the chords, 

Download ‘He Is The Lord’ Lyrics and Chords.

He Is The Lord


Verse 1:

Let us hold fast our confession of hope

For He who promised is faithful

And as we see His day approach…


Let us hold fast in the midst of the trial

Though our faith must be tested

It will only last for a while



In a little while the One who is coming will come

And He won’t delay



He is the Lord, the One that we’ve waited for

His Kingdom will appear at His coming

If we endure then when He appears

We will appear with Him in Glory


He is the Christ, the One crucified

but now He lives…forever

If we have died with Him,

I know that we will also live….forever



So I will wait for the Lord and the justice of that Day

No one who waits for the Lord will ever be ashamed

Bill Scofield (52 Posts)

Bill is husband to Charis, and father to their 6 children. He is a Bible teacher, elder, and missions trainer.

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