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Israel, The Cross, And The End Of The Age

Israel, The Cross, And The End Of The Age


This 4 part seminar digs deep into the what, when, why and how of Israel. Often when reading the Scriptures we overly apply them to ourselves and our life circumstances. The Scriptures are extremely, and unapologetically, Israel-centric. Both the glories to come as well as the time of distress which will precede the Messiah’s coming are all centered around this small piece of real estate called Jerusalem. This Seminar will answer 4 crucial questions regarding the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble‘ and the events surrounding the conclusion of God’s long-standing controversy with Zion.

This seminar was co-taught by Bill Scofield and Tim Miller at The Watch House of Prayer in Redding, CA.

Each part of the “Israel, the Cross, and the End of the Age” seminar series

1. What Is Going To Happen With Israel?
2. Israel’s Salvation At The End Of The Age
3. How Will God Carry Out His Plan For Israel?
4. Why God Is Doing What He Is With Israel

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