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The Chronological Life of Jesus in the Gospels Diagram

The Chronological Life of Jesus in the Gospels Diagram


This diagram is intended to aid in bible study and in viewing all four gospel accounts as a whole. It was made over a few months of intensive study on Jesus’ life in the Gospels and for the sake of creating a cohesive diagram that serves for quick resourcing and simple understanding.

The aim of making this diagram was to serve others by placing Jesus’ life in perspective.

  • How He functions truly as a prophet in cleansing the temple not once, but twice
  • understanding that His public ministry was very intentional–He Himself went from Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria, and then to Galilee as He told the apostles in Acts 1
  • and that His journey to the Cross was in perspective from His birth to the Crucifixion.

This timeline ends a few months short of His crucifixion. I hope to do the crucifixion week chronology diagram in the near future.

This diagram can be viewed below. However, for a downloadable version with potentially better quality,

Download The Chronological Life of Jesus in the Gospels Diagram.


Stephen Holmes (18 Posts)

Stephen Holmes is a missionary pastor who lives with his wife and three kids in various nations seeking to give a faithful witness of the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the Gentile through Bible Teaching, Preaching, Song and Discipleship.

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