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My Reward

My Reward


Bill Scofield


This song came out of a season several years ago when the Spirit was reminding me a our community of the need to count everything else loss continually. While, we wait for our Blessed Hope in the next age, the one Reward that we claim in this age is the nearness of the Spirit revealing the beauty of Jesus to us.


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My Reward


Verse 1:

Oh, the joy I find

In laying down my life

That I might have Christ

Counting everything else as loss

Though I’ve counted the cost

I press on towards this Prize



I’ve been convinced of this

That this love of His

It’s worth living for, it’s worth dying for



You alone are my reward in this life

The only Prize that my heart Is After

To choose the better part like Mary did, and this is it…

To live a life that’s emptied out on You


 Verse 2:

Tell me, will a life that’s been spent waiting

On You be wasted

Or will you count it as wise

If I, spend the rest of my days searching out

The only good I’ve tasted

that I’ve tasted in this life

Bill Scofield (52 Posts)

Bill is husband to Charis, and father to their 6 children. He is a Bible teacher, elder, and missions trainer.

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