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Poised For Harvest, Braced For Backlash

Poised For Harvest, Braced For Backlash


What are the true implications of the Holy Spirit backing up the gospel with power? What if you only had a short amount of time to train new disciples due to an outbreak of persecution? What would you need to deposit in a first round of disciples in order to catalyze a rapidly-expanding, New Testament-caliber movement whose adherents stay faithful to Jesus through trials and opposition? Drawing on his experiences in the Muslim world and other ministry contexts, Tim examines these questions and more in Poised for Harvest, Braced for Backlash.

Kenneth Krause, Director, Bethany College of Missions

This book presents a strategy of mission that is far from new; it simply goes back to the model gleaned from the New Testament. I earnestly desire that my students lay hold of what Tim Miller is communicating in this book.

Daniel Lim, Chief Executive Officer, IHOP Missions Base

Inspiring, a fresh look at modern missionary approaches in the context of catalytic church planting movements. Written from thoughtful reflection and passionate practice.

Jaeson Ma, Founder, Campus Church Networks

“This book is explosive, born not out of theory but by the Spirit and practice. If you truly want to make disciples of all nations as Jesus commanded, this book is a must read.”

Paul Pierson, Dean Emeritus, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Tim Miller has described an approach to mission among resistant people that I believe is biblical, effective, and sensitive to the cultural context. It often sounds like the book of Acts.”

If you would like a hard copy of this book, go here to purchase one.

Download PDF of Poised For Harvest, Braced For Backlash

Tim Miller (124 Posts)

Tim is founder of the Daniel Training Network. His passion is to see followers of Christ embrace a life of the cross. He, his wife Emily, and their four children itinerate regularly as part of their ministry, and are presently living in New Mexico.

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