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Dave Horsman


Will we ignore the prophets? Joel 2


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Verse 1:

Israel again and again They would not hear Your voice so clear

You always gave a way of return

But they ignored the prophets, they ignored the prophets.



Come to Me with fasting and weeping and mourning Come to Me, return

Come to Me, forsake your broken way Come to Me, return


Verse 2:

The Day of the Lord is at hand but do we hear Your voice so clear?

You always give a way of return

Will we ignore the prophets? Will we ignore the prophets?


Bridge 1:

The Day is coming, the great and terrible Day

All the earth groans for deliverance

Who may endure this great and terrible Day?

All the meek of the earth who seek the Lord


Bridge 2:

Though I’ve crushed you I will raise you up

Though you’re broken I will heal you



(on that Day) I will return

Dave Horsman Dave Horsman (7 Posts)

Dave, his wife Janet, and 5 children live in Bloomington, MN. He has a passion to know and communicate the Word clearly in teaching and song.

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