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Scoundrels and Sinners

Scoundrels and Sinners


Written by FACELESS


Scoundrels and Sinners is a controversial song that I knew I had to include on this first album. We decided to end the album with it, just after the Seven Churches song as if to say “We ourselves are included in this rebuke from Jesus!” To sing “I have looked at pornography” as the first line of a song doesn’t really fit with a pop-culture christianity, and makes a lot of people uncomfortable. That’s ok. For me, this song is an anthem of the truth of my filth and the glory of Christ Jesus receiving a harlot like me… and if I stand firm to the end this adulterous cheating drunkard will be clothed in the glory of His resurrection on the day He appears. What a mind-blowing truth.

Scoundrels and Sinners is part of The Witness EP.



The lyrics to this song are below without chords. If you would like to have the lyrics with the chords,
Download “Scoundrels and Sinners” Lyrics And Chords.

Scoundrels and Sinners


I have looked at pornography

I have committed adultery

I have been the drunkard, the liar and the thief

And while I was that sinner Christ died for me


I have judged the brother next to me

I have lived my life as a Pharisee

I’ve fasted and prayed in a spiritual parade for all of the world to see

And while I was that sinner Christ died for me


Oh, what manner of love that we should be called

Children of the Most High God

Oh, what measure of love You’ve lavished on us

You take harlots and calls us Your own


Here is the question: How does a sinner like me

Enter into the kingdom of God on that day and obtain Your mercy


You take scoundrels and sinners and low lives and failures

And make us the joy of Your crown

You take the arrogant and prideful, self-righteous, false-humble

You tell the tax collector come down (and you stay at his house)

And none of us deserved it but Your life you gave it

You gladly laid it down

And all our filthy garments are now red as scarlet

Washed in the blood of the Lamb

Jesus please help us understand

Jesus please help us understand

That all our filthy garments are now red as scarlet

Washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Performed by FACELESS

Mastered by Chris Graham

FACELESS (8 Posts)

Faceless is a musician associated with the Daniel Training Network, who seeks to encourage, strengthen and sober those in the Church, by singing forth gospel-truths anchored in the cross and the Day of the Lord.

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