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Simple Gospel Presentation

Simple Gospel Presentation


This presentation is intended to teach a simple, easily reproducible way to share the Gospel in pictures to children, as well as for them to use in talking to others. It is also intended for use in other situations where the audience may not be fully literate. It concisely moves through the history of God’s redemption and fully establishes the hope of our salvation in the restoration and redemption of humanity.


 Download “Simple Gospel Presentation” Script.


You may know that the Bible is God’s story to people. This is a short way of telling God’s story from the Bible. You will need a surface to draw upon, and a tool for drawing.

In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth. (Draw a circle.)

He made a man and a woman to live on the earth. (Draw 2 stick figures in the circle.) They were named Adam and Eve.

God was close friends with Adam and Eve and everything about the earth was very good! (Draw “shines” around the earth.)

Then, Satan came to Eve as a snake. (Draw a squiggly line to the right of the circle.) Satan had been an angel, one of God’s helpers, but he had decided to go against God.

Satan told Eve that if she ate a certain fruit, she would be like God. God had told Adam and Eve not to eat that fruit, but Eve thought it sounded good to be like God, so she ate the fruit and Adam did, too.

Because Adam and Eve went against God and did what Satan said, they were not close friends with God anymore and God said they would have to die. (Draw an arrow pointing down to the right. Draw a stick figure lying on its side under the arrow.) When people go against God, it is called sin. Before Adam and Eve sinned, there was no death on the earth and everything was very good, but when they sinned, death came into the world and lots of other problems, too.

Even at this time, God made a promise to Adam and Eve. (Draw a hand. People often raise their right hand when they make a promise.) God said he would send someone who would fix this problem that Adam and Eve had brought into the world of death and not being able to be close friends with God.

Adam and Eve had children and their children had children and so on. Most of the people were not doing what God wants. They were being mean to each other and killing each other. God said, “Things can’t keep going on like this. I’m going to send a big flood on the earth.” God found one man who did what God wanted. His name was Noah. God told Noah to build a big boat, so he and his family would be saved from the flood. (Draw a boat.) When God covered the whole earth with water (Draw waves of water under the boat), Noah and his family were safe in the boat.

After the flood, Noah’s sons had children and their children had children and so on. Some of the children did not do what God wanted and some did. God chose one man, named Abraham, who did what God wanted. (Draw a stick figure.) God told Abraham to look up at the stars and that his children’s children’s children would be as many as the stars. (Draw a star above the stick figure of Abraham.) God told Abraham that one of his descendants would be the deliverer, who would fix the problems on the earth that started when Adam and Eve sinned.

Abraham had a son named Isaac. (Draw an arrow pointing right from Abraham. Draw a stick figure for Isaac.) Isaac had a son named Jacob. (Draw an arrow pointing right from Isaac. Draw a stick figure for Jacob.) God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Jacob was the father of the people of Israel.

The people of Israel ended up as slaves in Egypt. (Draw a pyramid–a triangle with a triangle attached to the side.) God chose a man named Moses to deliver the people of Israel from Egypt.

After the people of Israel had left Egypt, God gave Moses a special set of rules to show how God wants things for people on earth. (Draw 2 stone tablets.) Part of those rules were about sacrifices. The people had to bring animals, like sheep, to be killed. (Draw a stick figure sheep.) The blood from the sacrifices would pay for the peoples’ sins.

…But let’s think about how often we sin. We disobey our mom and dad. We think mean thoughts toward others. We think we’re better than others. Do you think we could kill enough sheep to pay for every wrong thing we do?

God knew that we cannot be good enough to not need sacrifices and that we cannot kill enough sheep to pay for all our sins, so he sent his son Jesus as a man to the earth. Jesus never did anything wrong, but people got mad at him and killed him on a cross. (Draw a cross.) Jesus’ blood can pay for every one of our sins! Jesus is the one God promised would come to fix the problems that started with Adam and Eve.

After Jesus died, his body was put in a grave. (Draw a tomb (a half circle with another half circle at the bottom for the door.) He was in the grave for three days and three nights, then he came back to life! His body was made new! He stayed on the earth 40 days, then he went up into the heavens to be with God. (Draw clouds.) Jesus promised he will come back, though.

10 days after he went into the heavens, he sent the Holy Spirit to people who want to do what God wants. The Holy Spirit came like a fire. (Draw flames.) A fire can burn up things we don’t want anymore. The Holy Spirit is how God can live inside us and be like a fire that burns away bad things in us. The Holy Spirit helps us do what God wants.

Jesus has not yet come back to the earth, but he will. When he comes, he will judge all people for what they have done. (Draw a scales.) People who have chosen not to do what God wants and have not let Jesus be the sacrifice for their sin will be thrown into a lake of fire that burns forever. People that have chosen to do what God wants and let Jesus be the sacrifice for their sins will come back to life and get new bodies, just like Jesus did. God will make the earth very good, just like it was when he first made it. Those who follow God will live with him on the earth forever and not die. They will be close friends with God. (Draw a circle with 2 stick figures on it, with “shines” around it.)

Do you want to choose to follow God and let Jesus be the sacrifice for your sin?

It may not always be easy. It may be very hard. Many people did not like Jesus. They even killed him. People may be mean to you or even kill you for following Jesus, but we have the wonderful hope that even if we die, Jesus will one day come back to earth and give us new bodies and we will live with him forever on the beautiful earth!

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