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The God Of The Cross

The God Of The Cross


Bill Scofield


This song developed from a long season of meditating on the wisdom and power of the cross. It is a juxtaposition of the waywardness of humanity as we grope in vain for the path of life, and the climax of the revelation of God at the cross.


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The God Of The Cross


Verse 1

All of us like sheep have gone astray

Each to our own way, after the sin of our father

But You caused the iniquity of us all

To fall upon Him Like a Lamb to the slaughter


And You were pleased to crush Him, Putting His soul to grief

So we might see Your glory there…


You’re the God of the cross

(And this is Your glory) You’re the God of the cross

(That You would die for your enemies) You’re the God of the cross

(You’ve always been, You’ll always be)

The God of the cross

Verse 2

We were all looking for the way Back from the mess we’ve made To return to our Father

But we didn’t know what You were like We couldn’t see what kind of life You would require


But just in time You caused Your face to shine upon us And we all saw Your glory there…

Bill Scofield (52 Posts)

Bill is husband to Charis, and father to their 6 children. He is a Bible teacher, elder, and missions trainer.

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