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The Gospel and Mary of Bethany

The Gospel and Mary of Bethany


Jesus said that wherever the Gospel is preached in the whole world the response that Mary of Bethany demonstrated would be spoken of in memory of her. (Matthew 26:13) Her response was based on a context, a faith, and a hope that we need to understand in order to embrace the same wisdom and respond as she did. This message was preached at a church in the Arab World that ministers to Syrian refugees. About half of the people in attendance were Muslim women.

Arabic interpretation is provided.

Before the audio recording Matthew began with the following:

“Good evening. I’m so grateful to have the honor of speaking to you from the Holy Scriptures tonight. I want to thank these precious shepherds of yours for having me. Now before we begin I want to give you a quick overview of what I will be sharing with us tonight, and then we’ll pray together. I simply want to remind us of the solid faith and sure hope found in the Scriptures, so that we might have renewed grace to excel even more in sacrificial love and to also be found blameless in the Messiah on His soon coming Day.

  • And so, I want to begin with a story of a young lady who knew and loved the Messiah
  • Then we will look briefly at the context and promises that make her story so profound
  • Before finally coming back to the story of this young lady and her extravagant response
  • We will end with encouragement from the Scriptures and pray together.

Let’s pray now that our eyes and ears would be open and hearts ready to respond to the Word.”


Matthew Paul (4 Posts)

Due to being on the mission field in a sensitive country, Matthew does not have a bio or picture shown.

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