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The Lord’s Day

The Lord’s Day


Written by Bill Scofield


This song was written in light of the need for perseverance and faith in the coming troubles. Just some words with which I’d like to encourage myself and others as we see the Day approaching set to some music that might help us remember them.

The audio for the song was played 1 whole step low, and is not played in the same key as the chord chart.



The lyrics to this song are below without chords. If you would like to have the lyrics with the chords, 

Download ‘The Lord’s Day’ Lyrics and Chords.

The Lord’s Day


Verse 1:

There’s a suffering before the Glory

But this hour of trial is not the end of the story

In the twinkling of an eye, He will shout and split the sky

And we’ll be changed…in a moment


But in meantime, there’s a race to run

To keep the faith until the kingdom comes


For the Lord He is not slow

Though some may count Him so

He’s just patient, He’s merciful



For the Day of the Lord is near and coming soon

When every word He’s spoken is proven true

The praise of men will come to an end

The Lord alone will be exalted then

On that great and Holy Day


For the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night

When the Holy One descends in a flaming fire

the one who perseveres in faith will finally be saved

On that great and Holy Day


Verse 2:

Pay no heed to the scoffers voice

You who fear the Lord will soon rejoice


For the wisdom of the wise will soon be justified

When He appears and we appear with Him


Blessed are you who are hated now

When for His sake you are cast out


Rejoice greatly in that day for your reward is great

When He returns and His reward with Him

Bill Scofield (52 Posts)

Bill is husband to Charis, and father to their 6 children. He is a Bible teacher, elder, and missions trainer.

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