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The Sprinkling

The Sprinkling


Written by FACELESS


The Sprinkling was a song that came pouring out after reading the first chapter of 1 Peter one morning. The life I once lived in the world had left my heart marked with dark filth and for a long time I didn’t feel clean approaching the Lord (this is where the “committing adultery” happened that is referenced in Scoundrels and Sinners). It was through a progression of the Cross and Scripture that the Holy Spirit moved on me powerfully in one event and showed me the throne of God with living water flowing out from under it and it flowed right through my heart. In that moment I heard “You are made as clean as the water that flows from My throne.” From that moment forward I experienced the power of the Cross and the blood shed there that truly washes a man clean, and will present us faultless on the day of Christ Jesus.

The Sprinkling is part of The Witness EP.



The lyrics to this song are below without chords. If you would like to have the lyrics with the chords, 

Download ‘The Sprinkling’ Lyrics and Chords.

The Sprinkling


Verse Oh the Sprinkling of the blood Has purified the deepest place In the chambers of my heart And made white my darkest stain Oh the power of His blood Forgiving all my transgression And cancelling the debt He has nailed it there with Him!

The cross is the gift of God

Chorus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Thank You my Lord for Your blood!

Verse It was while I was dead Born as a child of wrath That Jesus shed His blood And plucked this sinner out of death Because God was rich in mercy That He poured it out on me And I can boast in nothing Because this work is not of me

Bridge All Blessing All Honor All Glory be Unto the Lamb!

Performed by FACELESS

Mastered by Chris Graham

FACELESS (8 Posts)

Faceless is a musician associated with the Daniel Training Network, who seeks to encourage, strengthen and sober those in the Church, by singing forth gospel-truths anchored in the cross and the Day of the Lord.

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