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The Witness EP

Faceless The Witness 2


This album has been a five year process of songwriting, crushing, and finally this 7 song EP. We tell you this not to boast, but to encourage you that these songs weren’t written frivolously for monetary benefit. This is the third attempt to make this album. The Lord divinely shut it down the first two times we tried. During this time of crushing, the Lord asked us to “lay Isaac on the altar.” We did, and hoped for “the ram in the thicket.” Over the last year the Lord brought our family into a time where His Gospel took a deeper effect in our lives through many practical means. Surprisingly, after this time, the Lord spoke to us that it was time to start the album again. These songs had finally become more than songs and had actually become the reality of His Gospel in our lives.

Our desire was for the Lord to be glorified in this album through songs that are a proper representation of the witness of Scripture. Therefore, the first song calls us to turn our eyes from ourselves and onto the Lamb of God. The second song reminds us that this gift of mercy from God was poured out in Jesus’ blood on the Cross so that in the third song we can sing “I will only boast in the Cross alone!” The third song ends testifying to the Spirit of adoption shown us in the Cross and that we are crying out “Abba!” groaning to inherit that adoption into His kingdom when He returns. This transitions into the truth of the Blessed Hope which is the glorious day of His appearing in song 4. However, proceeding this glorious day is the reality of Jacobs Trouble and covenantal controversy between God and Israel that we gentiles find ourselves in the midst of. Thus, we cry out this chorus “That our eyes would be a fountain of tears,” to understand what God feels regarding His Firstborn. This song ends testifying to the truth of His redemption for Israel, humbling gentiles to the primary story of Scripture. The next song is directed to gentiles to lead us in a spirit of repentance regarding the state of our churches and that we are waning on the testimony of Christ Crucified as a witness to the Firstborn. The encouragement is to repent, and stand firm unto the end that we might receive the rewards promised us in Revelation 2-3 spoken at the end. The final song on the album tells the truth of who faceless is––sinners in the hands of God’s merciful grace. We wanted to leave the album on this note, as a witness to the fact that we are not singing these hard issues from an elitist standpoint, but from there… at the foot of the Cross where we all stand equal. In this manner we saw the album functioning as a whole witness, or testimony, embodying many of the elements of the Gospel of our bible. We pray it blesses and encourages you, and we hope it produces a response in many hearts to the truth of Jesus’ Gospel. Even so, Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!


Below is the list of songs for this album. Each song has it’s own individual web page where you can view it’s description, lyrics, chords and download each song separately. If you would like to download the entire album in one download versus each song/chord chart separately, right click the link directly below and choose “Save Link As…”




This album has been quite the process. All glory be to Jesus for seeing it through and bringing it to pass. It was only by His Holy Spirit that these songs were written and became what they have become.


I would like to honor my wife for her diligence in watching our children long hours while we learned how painful self-producing is. Many of the anointed music ideas on this album the Holy Spirit gave through her. I love you.

I would like to thank: My Dad, Ricky, for always telling me that I could sing when the entire world told me I couldn’t; My mom Vickie for her loving support my entire life; my brother, Jeremy, who always loved the music and believed God had called me to do it (there are no brothers on the planet like us)


Many thanks to my best friends, Jubal and Liz who were always the most encouraging in every season of music I entered; MONK; Michael and Lacy; BROCK; Truman and Jane Spring; John McCants who began the whole process of recording and believed; Theo, who stood in the face of opposition and believed God called us to this; Amy Abele who gave me the word of prophecy that I have recounted a thousand times now and it kept me going to the finish; Billy Welsh who is a champion among men and a true friend; and Josh Godsey, for his faithfulness to our friendship, passion for godly music, and humility adding to this album.


Thank you to our KC house church and precious Bible study who sang these songs with all their hearts and funded the computer these songs were produced on; Aaron, for his gifts and encouragement; Josh Hendrick, who taught me a lot about music; Hana Church for their “sound proof” room and Pastor Paul for his diligence and willingness to help in every way possible;Many other faceless people contributed to this through many years! May we all press on to the day of His appearing losing our faces in the face of Christ. Amen!


Thank you Luke Wood who helped to refine these songs into what they are and gave sound advice; Grace, Christie, Hoony, and Theo for their amazing chorus on Blessed Hope. I praise God for Jiwon, the strings player that helped Righteousness of God come alive; All the Daniel Training Network guys for holding up our arms for these years.




As the Lord has given these songs to us freely, so we freely give them to you (Mt. 10:8). If you are reading this paragraph, consider yourself fully authorized to copy and share the music as much as you want and however the Holy Spirit leads you. All I ask, please, is that you share them freely at no personal profit, and that you use them in a way that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself would consider honorable and in accord with holy gospel entrusted to the saints. These songs are consecrated to Him and have been entrusted to His care and oversight. God bless you, dear saints of the Most High!


FACELESS (8 Posts)

Faceless is a musician associated with the Daniel Training Network, who seeks to encourage, strengthen and sober those in the Church, by singing forth gospel-truths anchored in the cross and the Day of the Lord.

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