Range and Purpose

AFGHANISTAN IN PROPHECY: The Taliban, Biblical Prophecy, and the Great Harvest

What does the Bible say about these significant events that are unfolding in Afghanistan?

The Spirit as Seal and Deposit

Jake Paurus speaking on the Spirit as Seal and Deposit.

We Pray Because Things Are Not OK

The world we live in is loud and getting louder by the day. It is all the more urgent that we...

The Firstfruits of the Spirit

The gifts of the Spirit (and Pentecost) were understood within their first century context-- as a confirmation of the Jewish apocalyptic hope, not a reinterpretation, realization, or reimagination of it.

The Prophetic

This teaching expounds on one of the foundational 4 “P’s” that define the Daniel Training...

Gospel of the Resurrection

John Harrigan points out the immaterial resurrection of greek-based Christianity, gives a biblical...

The Spirit's Witness Conference

In Acts 1, Jesus gives His disciples an urgent and sober task to carry out in the interim between...