The Spirit as Seal and Deposit

Jake Paurus speaking on the Spirit as Seal and Deposit.

Evangelizing Muslims & Different Views on the Rapture

Joel Richardson is interviewed by Ron Matsen and asks him questions on Evangelizing Muslims, His...

“The Gospel” Is About So Much More than the Death

The common modern understanding of the Gospel is that “Jesus died and rose again so we can go...

God’s Means of Blessing the Nations

In order to understand what Paul means by the gospel “according to the mystery of Christ,” we...

God of Light

Light didn’t exist until God said, “Let there be light.” As a result, light is something created by God who is beyond light.

The Seed

This teaching searches out the concept and nature of seed, and how it ultimately weaves into God’s plan of redemption through “The Seed” (Messiah), Jesus Christ.

Gospel of the Resurrection

John Harrigan points out the immaterial resurrection of greek-based Christianity, gives a biblical...