The Gospel Plow

Don’t look back, don’t look back
Don’t stop now, don’t stop now

Tag 1

Gotta keep your hands on the gospel plow
Don’t look back, don’t stop now (x2)

Verse 1

We enter the Kingdom through many tribulations
There will be pain and it will take patience
Not losing hope, not giving up, no matter what we’re facing
When we fall we get back up and get back in the race

And keep the faith until the finish line
Fight the good fight and receive the prize
Though now we don’t see Him we believe and have peace
Always present in our trouble is our faithful high priest

Who became a man of sorrows squinted with our grief
Now made alive forever always lives to intercede
So when we’re pressed and when we’re tested He knows just what we need
His grace sufficient, power perfected when we’re felling weak


He’s with us in the hurt, He’s with us in the pain
He’s with us all the way to the end of the age (x2)

Chorus 1

Keep your hands on the gospel plow
Don’t look back, don’t stop now
Keep moving on, He’s there with you
Keep drawing near, He’ll see you through

The stakes are high, the hour is late
No time to lose, no time to waste
My child

Verse 2

My child, don’t take lightly, the discipline of God
Understand how He rightly use the rod
To train and correct us and fashion a faith
That’s true and authentic and won’t fade away

In persecutions, pressures, and hardships we meet
Our confession is tested, we’re sifted like wheat
In pain and confusion, be of good courage
It’s the way that He’s choosing to remove impureness

Making us holy like gold in the furnace
Useful to the Master for His own purpose
So don’t be discouraged if you’re felling burdened
The testing of your faith will lead to endurance

In all things God will make it turn out right
As He shapes and conforms us to be like Christ
Who suffered before He was glorified
If we endure like Him we get to the crown of life

Chorus 2

Keep your hands on the gospel plow
Don’t look back, don’t stop now
Keep pressing on, there’s work to do
Keep running hard, He’s coming soon

The time is short, there’s souls to save
No time to lose, no time to waste
Hold on

Verse 3

Hold on, hold on tight
To the promise of eternal life
Gotta keep on, keep on running
The race of faith until the Day He’s coming

Back again, for yet a little while
and the One who is coming will appear in the sky
Like a thief in the night, yet seen by every eye
Call to mind the Day of which the prophets spoke

The Lord’s return, our great blessed hope
But know in the last days folks will mock
At those who look for His coming, and the hope they’ll scoff
But beloved of this one thing, don’t lose sight

A thousand years to the Lord is like a day passed by
Concerning this promise, the Lord’s not slack
And every word that He’s spoken will surely happen

So when the path gets narrow and the journey steep
Let Maranatha be our cry, Come Lord quickly

Tag 2

Come Lord Jesus, we’re longing for You
All You’ve promised, we trust You to do