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John Harrigan

John Harrigan is a church planter and missions trainer. He and his family work for an evangelical organization in the Middle East. They have a passion for the cross, the return of Jesus, and the Great Commission.

Q&A #4 with Bill, John, and Josh

Bill, John, and Josh tackle your questions in this fourth Q&A episode.

Interview Reflections #3

In this episode we reflect on some of our favorite points from our last four interviews with Seth...

Israel, Islam, and the End of the Age: An Interview with Stephanie Quick and Devon Phillips

In this episode we interview Stephanie Quick and Devon Phillips, laborers with Frontier Alliance...

Faithfulness for the Long Haul: An Interview with Joe and Terrie Wise

Joe and Terrie share their experiences as church planters, pastors, and mentors over the last 34 years of ministry. Their mission is to encourage wholehearted love and faithfulness to Jesus in light of the age to come.

Fear God and Live Transparently: An Interview with Marc Tuzzolino

In this episode we interview Marc Tuzzolino, founder and leader of the Apocalyptic Accountability Group based in the Chicago area.