The Eschatological Metanarrative of the Psalms: Interview with David Mitchell, Part 2

Show notes:

  • The central eschatological themes found in the Psalter (2:18)
  • How do you see the Psalter’s effect on the late prophetic material or on the prophetic material in general? (7:59)
  • How do you see these ideas projecting forward into 2nd temple/apocalyptic literature? (12:48)
  • How do you see these eschatological ideas of the psalms continued in the New Testament? (19:50)
  • Psalm 110, Hebrews 10, and Melchizedek (26:26)
  • A discussion on David’s writings (34:52)
  • The prophetic nature of the Psalms and the academic motivation to keep them in history (43:22)