Introduction to the Tanakh

Show notes:

  • What is the Tanakh and why is it the basis of the expectation and hope of first century Jews? (6:09)
  • If all you have is the Tanakh and some of the sayings of Jesus, would you feel disadvantaged in preaching the Gospel or discipling someone? (7:42)
  • Jesus interpreted the Tanakh apocalyptically (12:45)
  • Some of the larger themes we’ll be looking at this season: creation, covenant, judgment (14:53)
  • Creation and Adam in 2nd Temple Literature (15:28)
  • God’s covenant faithfulness (19:09)
  • Divine sovereignty in relation to creation and covenant (22:24)
  • Themes seen in the prophetic literature: Isaiah 40:1-11 (24:22)
  • Themes seen in 2nd temple literature: 2 Baruch 23:4-24:1 (34:14)