Q&A #5 with Bill, John, and Josh

Show notes:

  • Are we “under” the kingdom of God now? (2:43)
  • What do you think about Paula Fredriksen’s understanding of Romans 1 and “the resurrection of the dead”? (12:44)
  • Could you explain more about the “eschatology of the American Dream”? (19:05)
  • Does the Transfiguration as seen in Matthew 16 mean that the kingdom is present in some way? (28:32)
  • What is fundamentalism? Are you guys fundamentalists? (37:47)
  • Do you think there is a degree to which at least some of the better promises of the New Covenant can be “realized” among believers today? (42:06)
  • Are dispensationalists also supersessionists? (49:31)