Q&A #6 with Bill, John, and Josh

Show notes:

  • How does love and joy fit into the gospel? (2:12)
  • What does ‘ekklesia’ mean if it doesn’t mean ‘church’? (13:54)
  • How do first century Jews relate the Messiah and the Day of the Lord? (20:46)
  • Do you believe in a dispensational or apocalyptic view of the temple in Ezekiel 40-48? (24:23)
  • How do I explain to someone that the cross is so much more deep than personal salvation? (25:55)
  • If you could recommend only three scholars or books to read, what would be your go to? (34:21)
  • In Matthew 9, what does Jesus mean when he talks about wine and wineskins? Is he talking about old Judaism vs. new Christianity? (36:33)
  • What are your thoughts on revivals? (40:25)