Q&A #8 with Bill, John, and Josh

Show notes:

  • Can you comment on what “salt and light” and “city on a hill” meant for a first-century Jew? (2:10)
  • How do historical studies fit into the larger trajectory of theological development? (9:12)
  • Why do some scholars believe there were different versions of “Christian Judaism” in the first century? (18:06)
  • Is there time in the age to come? (26:21)
  • To what extent do the grafted-in Gentiles inherit the promises to the Jewish people? (29:32)
  • On the killing of the Caananites: Didn’t God use His covenant people to bring retribution on a non-covenant people that continued in rebellion? (31:47)
  • Should messianic Jews should maintain Torah observance? (34:37)
  • Are there any books, websites or articles that talk about what John said about the Greek, Roman and Jewish narratives of the gospel? (39:15)
  • Is Matthew 24 about 70AD, the end of the age, or something else? (41:25)
  • Can you explain the relationship of apocalypticism to pacifism and fatalism? (44:30)