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Tim Miller

Tim Miller is a missions trainer, Bible teacher, and the founder of the Daniel Training Network. He and his wife Emily have served Jesus in various parts of Africa and the U.S. They are the proud parents of five children and are presently based in Minnesota, where they attend Bethany Church. They have an urgency to see disciples of Jesus established in the way of the cross and made ready for the return of Jesus.


What does it mean to love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul, strength?

Trials and Maturity

Tim Miller teaches on endurance finishing its work in our lives.

Shining Lampstands

In this teaching, we look at what it means for an assembly of Jesus followers to be a radiant, shining "lampstand" according Revelation 2-3.

Gata de seceriș, pregătiți pentru împotrivire

Cum iau naștere mișcări nou-testamentare atunci când Isus dislocă sistemele.

"Flesh" in Biblical Theology

Glosses used to translate the word “flesh” in the BHT. For more information, see...