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Tim Miller

Tim Miller is a missions trainer, Bible teacher, and the founder of the Daniel Training Network. He and his wife Emily have served Jesus in various parts of Africa and the U.S. They are the proud parents of five children and are presently based in Minnesota, where they attend Bethany Church. They have an urgency to see disciples of Jesus established in the way of the cross and made ready for the return of Jesus.

Unto Maturity In Christ

In this teaching, we examine the underlying hearts issues that need to be addressed if various...

Praying about Living in a Canaanite Culture

The DTN Community takes time to pray around living righteously in an increasingly lawless culture.

Keeping from the Conduct of the Canaanites

During the first DTN Community digital get-together we discuss what it means to live righteously in...

Gospel Fellowship

A time to connect as a DTN community and discuss around multiple topics that strengthen, encourage,...

Longing for the Fullness of Fellowship

At present our relationships are fractured and broken, yet when Jesus returns our fellowship will be...