The Narrow Path Children’s Story

The Narrow Path is a story of two ants, Daniel and Noah, who know God and follow His leading and encouragement through the hard times by help of some animals in the forest in order to reach the New Jerusalem.

Chapter 1 - Ant Hill

There were still two little ants in Ant Hill who lived differently than the other ants. Their names were Daniel and Noah, and they were best friends.

Chapter 2 - Whooo Will Take The Narrow Path

Daniel and Noah had their backpacks with them. As they walked, suddenly all of the ants heard an owl start to screech with a very loud voice. The ants looked up and saw a big owl in a tree.

Chapter 3 - Love

The horse greeted them with a big neigh, and then said, “Hello, little ants! I see that you have chosen to take the Narrow Path. That is a very wise choice.”

Chapter 4 - Faith and Hope

“Hello little ants!” they said. “We eagles can see very far away. When we fly up high in the sky, we can see where every road goes.”

Chapter 5 - Prayer and Thanksgiving

“Hello down there, little ants! I’m not a mountain, I’m an elephant! Don’t be afraid.”

Chapter 6 - Truth

Daniel and Noah kept walking until they came to a tall giraffe. The giraffe lowered her long neck down to the ground. Her nose almost touched the ants. She was careful not to breathe too hard. She didn’t want the little ants to blow away!

Chapter 7 - Perseverance

“Hello, little ants,” said the turtle. “I see that you are on the Narrow Path. This is a very wise choice. I also see that you are tired. Jesus sent me to encourage you.”

Chapter 8 - Boldness

The two little ants walked down the Narrow Path some more. As they walked, suddenly they heard the loud roar of a lion.

Chapter 9 - The Winter Arrives

Daniel and Noah continued walking down the Narrow Path. As they walked, they began to talk about how cold it was getting. “Wow, it’s getting so cold out here,” Noah said.

Chapter 10 - The New Jerusalem

When Daniel and Noah reached the top, they saw it: the most beautiful city any of them had ever seen!

Chapter 11 - Don’t Give Up

Even though you feel little sometimes, like ants, remember that Jesus will help you just like he helped them.