Second Coming

Jesus' Triumphal Return from Sinai to Zion

Joel Richardson joins Josh Peck to talk about Jesus’ triumphal return from Sinai to Zion. Are...

A Day of Distinction Is Coming

The first century Jewish follower of Jesus anticipated a climactic day of judgment and justice. In a...

“The Gospel” Is About So Much More than the Death

The common modern understanding of the Gospel is that “Jesus died and rose again so we can go...

Biblical Hope: The World Will NOT Be This Way Forever

Though trials come to our lives and when wickedness prevails in the world, the hope that the Bible...

Restoring Biblical Context For Trials

We must get a renewed vision for both the pressures of the great tribulation period and the kindness by which our Father disciplines us to present us blameless before the judgment seat of Christ.

Defining the Kingdom

This teaching seeks to Biblically define what the Kingdom of God is, and ask several questions in references of the Kingdom throughout Scripture.

The Seed

This teaching searches out the concept and nature of seed, and how it ultimately weaves into God’s plan of redemption through “The Seed” (Messiah), Jesus Christ.