Ancient and Biblical


In this message we conclude our Acts series by exploring the theme of God’s mighty acts of...

Discipline and the Covenant

This is a short video discussing the discipline that has, from the beginning of the Covenant, defined God's maintenance of the Covenant with the holy people.

What is God Really Doing in the World?

As a ministry intern and Bible school student, I earnestly prayed to "know God's heart". He answered that prayer as I simply opened up the pages of scripture and understood the larger narrative of redemptive history.

David's Dynasty Drawing

Jake Paurus drew these for a teaching he did for junior youth at Bethany Church in Bloomington, MN....

S3 - The Flood and Covenant with Noah

The Flood, The Covenant with Noah, and The Sons of Noah and the Curse of Canaan

P3 - Conversation on the Flood, the Judgment of God, and Sustaining Human Life

Find out more about the mechanism for the Genesis flood and its instruction regarding the end times judgment in the Bible.

S4 - Rebellion, Judgment, Election

This teaching gives a review of the rebellions as well as the judgment of God in Genesis 1-11. It also begins to examine the scattering of the Table of Nations and the election of Abraham. 

S5 - Abrahamic Covenant

This teaching explores the subjects of ethnicity and the covenant made with Abraham.

S6 - From the Covenant at Sinai to the Latter Days

This teaching looks at the covenant made with Israel at Sinai, its reiteration in the book of Deuteronomy, and its implications for the future through the Song of Moses (Dt. 32).