Richard Hays’ 7 Reasons Why the Church Needs Eschatology

Bill highlights excerpts from an article by Richard Hays on why the Church needs eschatology.


What does it mean to love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul, strength?

Faithfulness for the Long Haul: An Interview with Joe and Terrie Wise

Joe and Terrie share their experiences as church planters, pastors, and mentors over the last 34 years of ministry. Their mission is to encourage wholehearted love and faithfulness to Jesus in light of the age to come.

Waking from the American Dream: An Interview with Seth Roach and Daniel Jordan

In this episode we interview Seth Roach and Daniel Jordan. Seth and Daniel have been involved with...

Acts 1 and the Giving of the Spirit

Bill Scofield speaking on Acts 1 and the giving of the Spirit.

Renewing the Vision

At this special Good Friday Emmaus Road Gathering, we will talk about some of the stories and...

Serving the God of Israel

What is God’s story and mission, and how are we to labor in light of that?