David Rickman
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David Rickman

David is a Bible teacher and missionary. He, his wife, Kirsten, and daughter Lily Beth have a passion to proclaim the gospel and make disciples for the Day of the Lord.

S2 - Transgressed Boundaries: Divine and Human Rebellion in Genesis 1-11

An overview of both divine and human transgression of boundaries in Genesis 3, 6, and 11.

P2 - Conversation on the Curse and the Transgression of the sons of God

Discusses some of the themes covered in the second class by looking at divine and human transgression through Genesis 3, 6, and 11.

S3 - The Flood and Covenant with Noah

The Flood, The Covenant with Noah, and The Sons of Noah and the Curse of Canaan

P3 - Conversation on the Flood, the Judgment of God, and Sustaining Human Life

Find out more about the mechanism for the Genesis flood and its instruction regarding the end times judgment in the Bible.

S4 - Rebellion, Judgment, Election

This teaching gives a review of the rebellions as well as the judgment of God in Genesis 1-11. It...