AFGHAN CHRISTIAN: "We will continue God's work" - A Message From the Underground Church in Afghanistan

Hear a direct communication from an Afghan Christian leader on the ground in Afghanistan. “We...

AFGHANISTAN IN PROPHECY: The Taliban, Biblical Prophecy, and the Great Harvest

What does the Bible say about these significant events that are unfolding in Afghanistan?


A series of videos on the most recent developments in Afghanistan.

Be Prepared

In part 1 of this series, we consider what “lawlessness” means within the immediate context of...

Evangelizing Muslims & Different Views on the Rapture

Joel Richardson is interviewed by Ron Matsen and asks him questions on Evangelizing Muslims, His...

Islam, Prophecy and End Times

Al Fadi and Author Joel Richardson discuss various biblical prophecy issues related to Islam and End...

Spirit of Adoption

Joel discusses what the Bible says about End Times.

Martyrdom: The Glorious Destiny of the Church

The Scriptures clearly declare that global martyrdom is the glorious destiny of the end-time church.

Suffering Humbly

This teaching attempts to demystify the issue of suffering.

Restoring Biblical Context For Trials

We must get a renewed vision for both the pressures of the great tribulation period and the kindness by which our Father disciplines us to present us blameless before the judgment seat of Christ.