The Blessed Hope

You have not left us as orphans
You’ve given us a living hope
That testifies against the burdens of day to day life
This anchor it holds
Though time often seems to be dragging

And the Bridegroom may seem delayed
His promises they are not lagging the salvation of our souls
Will be the outcome of our faith!

The sons and daughters of faith
Groan for deliverance from this age
To be released from the labors of sin
And for the heavens to contract and give birth to resurrection!

This inheritance reserved in heaven cannot perish nor fade away
This grace unto will be given We will be born again, revealed with Him upon that day! Even though we do not yet see Him And trials may distress our lives
These fires will result in glory and honor and praise on the Day of Jesus Christ!

We fix our hope completely
On the day you’re revealed in Your glory
And we rejoice with a joy inexpressible, full of glory!

Oh… it wont be long now!
Oh…. it’s closer than before!
Oh… we look for our Blessed Hope
Of the glorious appearing of our Great God, Our Savior!