Loving His Appearing Conference

Longing for the Fullness of Fellowship

At present our relationships are fractured and broken, yet when Jesus returns our fellowship will be...

Longing for the Age to Come

Practical instruction on living for the coming age.

Longing for the Vindication of God's Name

YHWH will act for the sake of restoring the Holiness of His Name.

Longing for the Overturning of Death

Just as an event of sin brought death into the world, so will an event promised by God drive death...

Longing for a Restored Body

Cameron shares his story and how God has been at work in his present sufferings.

Longing for Righteousness

Practicing righteousness in this age is preparation for the perfect righteousness of the coming...

Longing for Perfect Justice

Followers of Jesus are to do justly to others as they await the perfect justice to come on the...

Longing for a Perfect Love for God

The Holy Spirit grieves tenderly and jealously within us, wooing us to love God more and more.