Notes Outline
Creation: Very Good
Redemption, Not Ruin
The Garden Remade

Creation: Very Good

a. Genesis 1
b. God’s perspective and narrative of his original design: 6 times he deemed his
creativity “good” and at the finale he deemed it all “very good”.
c. God’s plan: beautiful garden, God walking and talking with humans
physically, humans learning to manage creation under God’s instruction and
advice. Humans relating to one another in the way the Creator was relating
with them – with love, patience, and integrity

Redemption, Not Ruin

a. Reason for the pause in the plan: sin (next week)
b. Genesis 3:15
c. Purpose for the pause in the plan: dealing with human pride
d. Adam and Eve’s experience was of this “very good” creation prior to sin
entering the scene. They experienced “life and life more abundant” but at the
point of sin entering, “death” also entered the scene. Sickness, pain,
misunderstanding, disconnect from walking with God, wickedness,
selfishness, removal of humanity from the garden, getting cut off from the
tree of life, physical death all came on the scene. All sorrow began with sin.
It all ends when sin is removed once again from the earth.

The Garden Remade

a. What is the storyline: Creation->pause——-> restored creation
willingly/lovingly living under God’s leadership forever
b. Isaiah 11:6-10 a picture to anchor us
c. Where in the storyline are we currently at? ***
d. What we choose in this short time frame will be what we live with forever
e. 1 Timothy 4:7-8 How will we love His appearing? Anchoring our hearts in His
original plan. *