Notes Outline
The Cross

The Cross

1. The curse was/is a teacher. It taught us two things:
a. Our consistent self-centeredness destroys everything we touch
i. Genesis 6:5
b. How badly we need to be reconciled to God – He can make things right
i. Psalm 90:8-13
2. Torah taught Israel (and later us) that God wants to be reconciled to us! Gal. 3:24
a. Passover trained Israel in the mechanics of faith and obedience
i. My wrath is about to come on the land Exodus 12:12
ii. If I see the Lamb’s blood you will be spared Exodus 12:13
iii. Listen to Me (obey) and you will be spared Exodus 12:22
b. Sacrifices for sin in Torah trained Israel in repentance and forgiveness
“In all private sacrifices, except firstlings, tithes, and the Paschal lamb, hands were
laid on, and, while doing so, the following prayer was repeated: ‘I entreat, O
Jehovah: I have sinned, I have done perversely, I have rebelled, I have committed
(naming the sin, trespass, or, in case of a burnt-offering, the breach of positive or
negative command); but I return in repentance, and let this be for my atonement
(covering).” – Alfred Edersheim, The Temple, p. 114
3. Death of Jesus seen in light of framework from Torah – Repentance always central
a. Jesus’ blood rescues from the wrath to come (like Passover)
i. I Thessalonians 1:9-10
b. Jesus’ blood and ‘redemption’ (another Passover word)
i. I Peter 1:18-19
c. Abraham’s faith becomes the example
i. Romans 4:20-24
ii. James 2:21-24
d. Repentance for the forgiveness of sin proclaimed in name of Jesus
i. Luke 24:46-47
e. Cross is what a clean person looks like to God.
i. Luke 8:23-24