Fellowship of Sufferings

Oh to be one with the wounded Christ
And to drink Your tears of weeping
In the hope of eternal life to be unveiled at Your appearing
So the things we once thought gain, For the prize, we count them loss
As we reach for the crown of life, With our hearts bound to the cross


Oh to know the fellowship of sufferings
Mystery disclosed it’s the path that leads to glory
Filled up in our flesh with the afflictions of Messiah
Sharing in Your death, that we may share in Your triumph!
When You return in Your power
When You return to restore all things
When You return to shut the devil’s mouth
When You return as our God and King

Verse 2

So we’ll meet You outside the camp
For a taste of the reproach You bore
In the hope of a weight of glory as the wage of our reward
So to the rulers of the air Come and make Your wisdom known
Full of colors manifold As You make Your stripes our own