Verse 1

Mary, Mary don’t hold on to me
Go and tell my brothers all that you’ve seen
My Father’s raised me up in His love and His power
And I’m coming back for you in the final hour

Verse 2

Disciples, disciples come and see
Do you have anything for Me to eat
Cause a ghost does not have flesh and bones
But I rose again to make you My own

Verse 3

Thomas, Thomas come and see
Touch my hands, my side, and touch my feet
Leave behind the unbelief and all of the doubt
Cause I’m alive again, now it’s time to shout!

Verse 4

Disciples, disciples come with Me
Meet me in the hills of Galilee
The nations they are dying in their sin and strife
So I send you out to them with the offer of life

Verse 5

Peter, Peter come swim to Me
Come and have some fish with Me on the beach
I’ll ask you three times if you really love Me
I forgive you friend, now go and feed My sheep

Verse 6

My people, My people wake up from your sleep
I’m inviting you to the marriage feast
In this age of trial if you drink My cup
I will come back for you and raise you up


I’m alive, and coming soon! I’m alive, and coming soon! (Repeat)


Amen, Amen, Amen